Monday, May 18, 2015

Gutenberg GIGA Event 2015 Mainz

Finally the Gutenberg Event!
Laguna.sam and I planned this for almost a year. We already bought the trackables for it, which is some kind of a landmark for the city of Mainz. The "Mainzelmännchen" :D

Of course a special mascot couldn't flee from us, and we made our mandatory group photo: Signal! :)

So we were very excited about this Giga-Event. A wonderful day in a wonderful area and good mood all around.

Of course we made some caches in Mainz and we easily could see cachers everywhere flooding the city :). We saw many nice places, and had a lot of fun. So great!

The waiting time for the Maze-event was really the worst thing today. But everything else was great, even for us vegans there was enough food, and so we drove home in a very good mood.
We visited every single merchant :) and got some great stuff. 

 Run at the merchants :) and waiting for the Maze

And the 2nd GIGA event we attended came to an end. Awesome!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

CITO 2015

This year's CITO came with a nice souvenir from
Of course, Laguna.sam and Team Rolliradler didn't miss our yearly Cache In Trash Out.

So we went on to collect the garbage other mindless people threw away in the woods. We didn't patricipate in the contest for collecting the most. We just cared about the cleaning of that area. And man, what did we found. Tons of junk.
Imagine to put a full canister (20 L) of fuel in the forest not even hidden from the sun. Oh dear. What's wrong with people?
However we found one bag after another and brought it to a big container where everything was collected. And then the owner of this CITO cam up with his car full of wheels. And one more, and more and more. In the end 102 wheels were collected. Apparently a company just threw them out on a parking lot in the forest.

Then it was time to get a break and eat something. Yummy. And don't you ever say dogs don't like soy sausages :). He was all for it.

Done with that, Team Rolliradler, Laguna.sam and I continued to get some nice caches. It was a great and successful caching day!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

2000 Cache Finds Anniversary

This time, Laguna.sam and I headed to an awesome place.
My 2000th find was to be made at last. The drive didn't feel very long, even if it was some mileage. We were very curious about, how this cache will be made. Some photos in the gallery made were very promising, so we had high hopes. The weather on the way was not so good at first, but the closer we got, the better the weather. And as we arrived, the sun was shining and the temperature was comfortable.
Laguna.sam took the role of Anugkh, the brave.  It was hard not to grunt all the time in the role as a prehistoric homo erectus :). Ugh. So the search began.

The first stage took a bit longer. But after we finally found it, we headed on the nice way. Steep on the first part, but with every step higher, we had better views. And at stage V, we really took some time and we enjoyed the view, taking many photos. We almost forgot about the stage :).
Up ahead for many other exciting oversights of the region. A family of geese with cute kids crossed the street before us in bright sunshine, and birds of prey were circling above our heads.

Finally we arrived at the camp of the clan, where we saw the impressive elephant and the rhino. After a short fight with the elephant, Laguna.sam ended up in his stomach :D, but she wasn't enough food, so I ended up there, too ;). Surprisingly, I found a Munzee and scanned it. Totally unintentional :).

And then, the final was to be found. We soon spotted it, and happily logged. Anugkh & Co. were happy! Ugahh!

After this great multi with breathtaking views, and a very good route, we headed for the bonus of course, which also gave us a smile :)

It was such a wonderful day with a lot of fun and laughter. We really enjoyed it.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mega-Event Geocoinfest 2014 Ulm

A Geocoin event? Laguna.sam and I had to be there to see all the nice goods.

So we took the car and traveled to Ulm, where we took the given parking area, and used the public transit to the location. We met with Team Rolliradler there.

Arrived at the event, we went for nearby caches. But not before we hit the merchant area to get some coins and looked around. And see who we met there?

Grabbed Signal again. Signal never can flee from us :). But discovered virtually :)

A great view from our walk through Neu-Ulm. Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate on tour :) 
And our log! Great idea with the little boats on Friday, and the birds where we could log. 

We had a lot of fun there, and we bought some coins. After the big Letterbox at the location, we said goodbye to Rolliradler and drove the long way back home, were we shot photos from the "loot" we've got :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

At the 1st GIGA-Event Project Munich 2014

The first GIGA event ever?

Laguna.sam and I had to be there! Together with Team Rolliradler we made the long trip to Munich. We arrived at the Olympic Stadium where the event was held, after so many registrations.

Of course the main target was the many Geocoin and accessories shops. Laguna.sam bravely jumped into the masses to get a glimpse of new trackables. And some where bought, too :). The surrounding was great.

Not many places to rest. But at a gaming point, we found a place to sit down for a moment, eat something and get a little energy.

Laguna.sam is GIGA!                           WiredRyo is GIGA!

The proof: Here is our log.

Planning the Geocaches we want to get during the event and where to go from here with Team Rolliradler. We made a traditional right at the stadium, and a multicache. Only this two. The event consumed most of our time. And we went to the Sommerfest for a quick snack and shelter from the rain.

And of course at the end we were glad to met the mighty signal.

It really was a nice event and a great day. We had a lot of fun and saw interesting places. At the way home, we made another final in Ulm, at a restaurant, where we refreshed us with drinks, until we made the long way home.

Update: The official video from this event is out now. Great!