Leap Day 2012 Geocaching Round

In a real nice area, I was heading for a few caches to get the leap day souvenir and made some nice founds.
First a traditional, well hidden under tons of stones :). The bonus for that was really nice. You can see it in the video. At an old hut in the middle of the forest with strange interior. How cool is that? Quickly found after looking around a bit and filming this.

The third cache today was near an abandoned playground. The coordinates inside led you to the final. Crawling involved :). I blacked out the scenes in the video with the visible coordinates. You have to look for yourself ;)

The last one was unusual. Just a flat, plasticky logbook. I had to search for quite a while until it made click and emerged right in front of my eyes. Really good. And silly me... I didn't make a photo. Sorry.

So, 4 leap geocaches. The souvenir was given right away as I logged the first one on geocaching.com. Yay!

It's still time... Happy Geocaching.


Impressive Electronic Geocache

Laguna.sam an I wanted to make a quick Geocache on a mild day. But it turned out to be a bit longer than expected, because this electronic cache was not only a bit difficult, but had great electronic boxes on every stage.

Numerical systems, Morse code, and strange displays along the way. And then there was another stage. A small electronic senso-like game. What a big fun. Take a look at the short video as laguna.sam solved it with inhuman precision.

The final was good to found after we solved all the riddles. Although the Morse code wasn't ours. We went for the "punishing" and got the coordinates from an alternative micro.
And 3 trackables inside ready for us to swap. One of them was not really welcome for laguna.sam. But it tried so hard to be nice :)
Oh come on, that little spider really want to cuddle a little :p

That was definitely a great multicache.
The owner sure has some skills in electronic. Big fun.


Bridges all over

A short Geocache led laguna.sam and me to 7 bridges.
The weather was differing from nice sunshine to some hail, but all with moderate temperatures.

It was so much fun. Some small bridges, and an old abandoned railroad bridge.
One stage was not easy to get. I climbed down into the small river, and searched underneath it. After a little while we found the small container with the coordinates and the numbers.

Once again my Android device saved us. We needed the color of the formula for the final. But on the Garmin, the text wasn't colored. So I visited the geocaching.com site from the last stage, and so we could solve it.

We found the final and swapped some nice trackables. Look at the cute travelbug lguna.sam was swapping. So adorable. Looks like he didn't really want to leave her. But we put it in the container. I swapped a Templar coin. Also very nice.
Then we wanted the Bonus. We searched and searched. But nope, we had no luck today for this one. We walked back and forth, we looked and crawled on the knees. No way. I'm sure it is quite simple and we just had the wrong idea.

Nonetheless it was another great geocaching day with laguna.sam and even on the way back we had fun.


Nightcache with a great final

I love night geocaches when they are so nicely made like this one.

With Laguna.sam, we went for this little, but interesting and fun round in January 2012.
On the way we also made some traditionals and a Wherigo. By the way, this was my first Wherigo.

But the Nightcache should be the big thing. Every stage was very nicely made and lead us closer to the final. With some interesting riddles and a UV-stage.

I couldn't resist and made a short video at the final.


Traditional & Munzee Walk

Walking a few miles is good. For you and for your geocaching statistics. And the environment. So I made a little round today for capturing 3 Munzees and 3 Traditionals.

The Castle
Starting on a sunny day is easy, so I walked right to a pretty nice castle, where the first micro container is. I found it instantly, logged and up and away from this pretty exposed place. On the way I scanned a Munzee on a very nice place. You want to know what a Munzee is and how you can participate? I made a posting about Munzee, too. I will repost it here, soon.
Another micro was waiting for me at the Rhine river. A basic film canister, quickly found.

Look closely. There is a Munzee on that photo.
The trickiest of the caches today, was a Nano where you have to climb a little bit. On an old bunker, which is now a place for skater, is only one place to do so. Unfortunately I made no photos. Nooo. Sorry about that.
On the way back I captured 2 more Munzees. A quick 1 1/2 hour 5.9 miles trip. Found everything. That's how I like it.

A Very Short Traditional Round

Laguna.sam and I initially wanted to make a Multicache near those 3 traditionals. But as we walked the way, we saw the time wouldn't be enough to make this in daylight. So we decided to make the 3 traditionals only.

At the parking lot we knew one thing: It's gonna be cold. Small icy streams of water, partly frozen. Only motion kept them from freezing completely. And so did we.
The first stage made us search for quite some time. The coordinates where way off until we saw a suspicious stone. Yes, that's it. Up to the next. These interesting old water mills, and the nice forest surely made it a nice walk.

On the way we saw a very strange thing. A complete tree with roots fell aside with all the ground frozen at it. We took a photo. Weird.
Up to the last one of the 3 small GC. A plate of ice on the way. Laguna.sam carefully and slowly stepping over it. I couldn't resist and gave her a little push which resulted in a furious scream :)
Nonetheless we got the 3rd one, too, and back to the car. Hey, I need a photo from that place, too. Here we go.

And then we had to get 2 Munzees is the village nearby. I scanned it quickly while Laguna.sam waited in the car. Again 2 nice places. I'll post more about Munzee soon.

Munzee at the Jagdturm & Laguna.sam waiting in the car


Blood And Witches - January 15, 2012 Caching Weekend

I posted this article on my other blog.
So if you want to see gems, laguna.sam shooting with a "gun", dead bodies in the woods and three investigators searching for the murderer, you should check out 
The #Geocaching weekend January 15,2012

Owls in the woods: Nightgeocache 01/28/2012

It was a short decision. Team rolliradler called laguna.sam to do this the same night. I agreed. I looked for this cache before, but the time frame needed to make this worried me a little. Up to 4 hours, the listing said And T3.5. A few miles and 6 stages plus the "Moonlight" bonus. But with such a special team, it would be no problem.

And so we started the trip. Up to the first ghost. It gave us coordinates for the next one. We came to a spooky hut in the forest, and went for the next one. Ghost after ghost we found while owls were screaming in the dark forest. It was cold and the scenario with those noises were absolutely amazing. With the topic in mind, you could get a shiver. Laguna.sam shivered for sure becaus spiders invaded some ghosts.
We came to a box with an mp3-player in it. Too bad there were no batteries included. So we had to read the story. I'm sure it would have been quite spooky :). Another stage.
Then we came to the final.

Is it there? Really? T3.5? Umm... the reflectors proofed it. I literally climbed down first, and then I saw the field of ghosts in a spooky arrangement. A ghost hanged with a rope around the throat, slowly dangling in the cold wind. And down there, the final box was revealed. Trackables inside. Gone quicker than I could watch :).

After the male part of team rolliradler was torturing another ghost in the tree for a while, we got the coordinates for the bonus. The "moonlight" showed us the numbers. And another walk to bonus.

Again, owls hooted mysteriously on our way. Near and far. And there we found the container. Again the trackables were ripped away from my eyes. Next time, I have to be a bit quicker and grab them myself.

Back to the car and a successful geocaching night hunt was over.


Virtual Geokret For The Launch Of This Geocaching Blog

Welcome to the new born blog. I will post my little adventures from Geocaching trips. This includes all kind of Geo-location activity. Maybe you can get some use out of it, or even find new tips and tricks for your hunt.

To celebrate the start of this blog, I made a virtual Geokret.

You can discover (met) it with your nearby coordinates to show from which places around this world, the Geokret is discovered. No registration necessary. The Tracking Code is VH7EYX. You can log it right away. Just select "met " from the upper drop-down box, enter the coordinates and you're done.
I hope you enjoy it.

And now happy Geocaching!

Scan the QR-Code to log this Geokret with a mobile device