Bridges all over

A short Geocache led laguna.sam and me to 7 bridges.
The weather was differing from nice sunshine to some hail, but all with moderate temperatures.

It was so much fun. Some small bridges, and an old abandoned railroad bridge.
One stage was not easy to get. I climbed down into the small river, and searched underneath it. After a little while we found the small container with the coordinates and the numbers.

Once again my Android device saved us. We needed the color of the formula for the final. But on the Garmin, the text wasn't colored. So I visited the geocaching.com site from the last stage, and so we could solve it.

We found the final and swapped some nice trackables. Look at the cute travelbug lguna.sam was swapping. So adorable. Looks like he didn't really want to leave her. But we put it in the container. I swapped a Templar coin. Also very nice.
Then we wanted the Bonus. We searched and searched. But nope, we had no luck today for this one. We walked back and forth, we looked and crawled on the knees. No way. I'm sure it is quite simple and we just had the wrong idea.

Nonetheless it was another great geocaching day with laguna.sam and even on the way back we had fun.