Impressive Electronic Geocache

Laguna.sam an I wanted to make a quick Geocache on a mild day. But it turned out to be a bit longer than expected, because this electronic cache was not only a bit difficult, but had great electronic boxes on every stage.

Numerical systems, Morse code, and strange displays along the way. And then there was another stage. A small electronic senso-like game. What a big fun. Take a look at the short video as laguna.sam solved it with inhuman precision.

The final was good to found after we solved all the riddles. Although the Morse code wasn't ours. We went for the "punishing" and got the coordinates from an alternative micro.
And 3 trackables inside ready for us to swap. One of them was not really welcome for laguna.sam. But it tried so hard to be nice :)
Oh come on, that little spider really want to cuddle a little :p

That was definitely a great multicache.
The owner sure has some skills in electronic. Big fun.