Leap Day 2012 Geocaching Round

In a real nice area, I was heading for a few caches to get the leap day souvenir and made some nice founds.
First a traditional, well hidden under tons of stones :). The bonus for that was really nice. You can see it in the video. At an old hut in the middle of the forest with strange interior. How cool is that? Quickly found after looking around a bit and filming this.

The third cache today was near an abandoned playground. The coordinates inside led you to the final. Crawling involved :). I blacked out the scenes in the video with the visible coordinates. You have to look for yourself ;)

The last one was unusual. Just a flat, plasticky logbook. I had to search for quite a while until it made click and emerged right in front of my eyes. Really good. And silly me... I didn't make a photo. Sorry.

So, 4 leap geocaches. The souvenir was given right away as I logged the first one on geocaching.com. Yay!

It's still time... Happy Geocaching.