Owls in the woods: Nightgeocache 01/28/2012

It was a short decision. Team rolliradler called laguna.sam to do this the same night. I agreed. I looked for this cache before, but the time frame needed to make this worried me a little. Up to 4 hours, the listing said And T3.5. A few miles and 6 stages plus the "Moonlight" bonus. But with such a special team, it would be no problem.

And so we started the trip. Up to the first ghost. It gave us coordinates for the next one. We came to a spooky hut in the forest, and went for the next one. Ghost after ghost we found while owls were screaming in the dark forest. It was cold and the scenario with those noises were absolutely amazing. With the topic in mind, you could get a shiver. Laguna.sam shivered for sure becaus spiders invaded some ghosts.
We came to a box with an mp3-player in it. Too bad there were no batteries included. So we had to read the story. I'm sure it would have been quite spooky :). Another stage.
Then we came to the final.

Is it there? Really? T3.5? Umm... the reflectors proofed it. I literally climbed down first, and then I saw the field of ghosts in a spooky arrangement. A ghost hanged with a rope around the throat, slowly dangling in the cold wind. And down there, the final box was revealed. Trackables inside. Gone quicker than I could watch :).

After the male part of team rolliradler was torturing another ghost in the tree for a while, we got the coordinates for the bonus. The "moonlight" showed us the numbers. And another walk to bonus.

Again, owls hooted mysteriously on our way. Near and far. And there we found the container. Again the trackables were ripped away from my eyes. Next time, I have to be a bit quicker and grab them myself.

Back to the car and a successful geocaching night hunt was over.