Traditional & Munzee Walk

Walking a few miles is good. For you and for your geocaching statistics. And the environment. So I made a little round today for capturing 3 Munzees and 3 Traditionals.

The Castle
Starting on a sunny day is easy, so I walked right to a pretty nice castle, where the first micro container is. I found it instantly, logged and up and away from this pretty exposed place. On the way I scanned a Munzee on a very nice place. You want to know what a Munzee is and how you can participate? I made a posting about Munzee, too. I will repost it here, soon.
Another micro was waiting for me at the Rhine river. A basic film canister, quickly found.

Look closely. There is a Munzee on that photo.
The trickiest of the caches today, was a Nano where you have to climb a little bit. On an old bunker, which is now a place for skater, is only one place to do so. Unfortunately I made no photos. Nooo. Sorry about that.
On the way back I captured 2 more Munzees. A quick 1 1/2 hour 5.9 miles trip. Found everything. That's how I like it.