A Very Short Traditional Round

Laguna.sam and I initially wanted to make a Multicache near those 3 traditionals. But as we walked the way, we saw the time wouldn't be enough to make this in daylight. So we decided to make the 3 traditionals only.

At the parking lot we knew one thing: It's gonna be cold. Small icy streams of water, partly frozen. Only motion kept them from freezing completely. And so did we.
The first stage made us search for quite some time. The coordinates where way off until we saw a suspicious stone. Yes, that's it. Up to the next. These interesting old water mills, and the nice forest surely made it a nice walk.

On the way we saw a very strange thing. A complete tree with roots fell aside with all the ground frozen at it. We took a photo. Weird.
Up to the last one of the 3 small GC. A plate of ice on the way. Laguna.sam carefully and slowly stepping over it. I couldn't resist and gave her a little push which resulted in a furious scream :)
Nonetheless we got the 3rd one, too, and back to the car. Hey, I need a photo from that place, too. Here we go.

And then we had to get 2 Munzees is the village nearby. I scanned it quickly while Laguna.sam waited in the car. Again 2 nice places. I'll post more about Munzee soon.

Munzee at the Jagdturm & Laguna.sam waiting in the car