Geocaching With Monsters, Under Bridges And Care For Traffic Signs

You have to watch everything while geocaching. You know that. And sometimes there are obvious caches, perfectly hidden.

On our nice caching tour with laguna.sam and team rolliradler all of those where included. And much more. We had fun big time. The weather was good and rolliradler had some more geocaches on the to-do-list, I didn't know.

First we went to a Letterbox Hybrid-Cache. A nice way with some work to do. Nice stages and tasks, and a good final. Then up for the bonus. Quickly found. Next was a gruesome monster waiting for us. It's so terrible that I can't show you that in this blog without censoring the photo :). But the signs led us farther into unknown territories. The signs? Yes exactly. Amazing.
We took a little break at a nice point lookout. We had so much fun. Now for the last Mystery-Cache for this day. With the little riddle solved at home, we found it quickly. Okay we made a xmas-cache in march... but still a nice box. I released a Geokret there.

Then 2 unexpected caches in a small town. A webcam cache! You have to make a photo and save it for proof. No problem with my Android phone (I wouldn't know what to do without it). We met a group of other cachers there, and we made a group photo with the webcam. Greetings to all!
The next was the FTF-Diploma. Unexpected, laguna.sam and I went to the coordinates. On the next day, I made the test afterwards and easily solved all questions. Now the circle is closed :)
Here is a short video.

A great geocaching day. Fun, laughter and a lot of great caches. Like!