Visited CITO-Event "Kehrwe"

I'm not really an event-lover. This was my first event ever after 1.119 founds. I'm glad I did attend. It was a lot of fun.
Meeting at the beginning

Together with laguna.sam, I went there at the morning, and we were put into groups. Not before we scanned through the trackables container. Luckily in our group, team rolliradler was within, shogi! and Pfalz. So we set for the garbage to be collected. And it was a lot of garbage. And I mean a lot. Bags and bags of rubbish, old tires, cloth, and even valid license plates. Bottles? Plenty. Our team was named "Liebesnest" roughly translated "love nest"  :-D . We had a special place where lovers taking place at night. I don't want to get into details of what we found there :)

Collecting garbage... And we drank so much :) No, not really :)

After that, we got some food in a nice restaurant. We got little funny bags full of trade materials as a gift. Thank you! Then the call was for a FTF. We vanished like ghosts from the scene, jumped in the car and went for it. Jumped to the box...boom. Team FTF with the whole team "Liebesnest", MisterAb and muellemk !
Back to the restaurant, the next, just published multicache,  began at the starting point. Guided by the owner itself. A nice walk through the small town, with great explanations and information.

After the work, logging caches was the target

Another multi-cache at the end was waiting for us. It was quite a round, until it was getting dark. Laguna.sam and I had a lot of fun. A great event that helped the environment, and the caching community for their reputation.

Thanks to Mandelgarten, who made this CITO. What a nice day!