Weekends In The Sewage? Must Be Geocachers

While others may be at boring parties, or watching TV, we geocachers go out for having adventures in the sewage :)

A nice tour with laguna.sam and our guestcacher at the weekend, led us again to some interesting places. Some cache container really needs some maintenance. Spider nests and beer bottles? I don't know. But the mystery-cache itself was nice after answering some questions from the world of open source software.

A mathematical mystery... that was something for laguna.sam. The highlight of Saturday was the mentioned cache in the sewage.

It was a little hefty to get there, crawling some yardage(!) in a tube. At the end there was a little room with more tubes. After looking around for a bit, I thought at first, we need to crawl into another tube. But then I saw it. A fire extinguisher in the sewage? Hum. As laguna.sam came near, she instantly confirmed it, this must be the container. Our guestcacher was satisfied. He really like such caches. Come on, get an account at geocaching.com. I made a little video. See for yourself :)

On Sunday, laguna.sam and team rolliradler were out for revenge. Last weekend we made 2 DNF and now, we wanted to restore our honor :).
And we did. The Multi was over 50m off the coordinates. Wow. But the female part of team rolliradler found it, after laguna.sam spotted our error at the last stage. The ladies did their job. Now it was up for the men to find the Nightcache. Of course the ladies were indispensable again, and laguna.sam with her Garmin was the only one able to receive the chirp signal.

Then to the final. There it was. To my surprise there was a Geokret inside. I grabbed it of course. The NC was really a bit mean. Tough calculations and some language tricks. But in the end we were glad we found it.

On the way back, a quick Earthcache and back to the car. Honor restored, cache weekend successful, and 9 caches found. Yay!