Geocaching Tour With Anniversary

On a nice day, laguna.sam and I set our sails for another geocaching tour. This time her 900th cache was to be found.

First we searched some traditionals. Really nice one. Especially the first we made (photo). Form time to time I saw traces of boars, which I come later to :)

We found them all very quickly and so we headed for the Letterbox, that we sorted out to be the 900th milestone for

It wasn't one of the easy types. And to do housework at Sunday was absurd. But we did. Laundry, cleaning, sorting, cooking... What this had to do with geocaching? It was the cache :) A nice round in the forest, where we met another group of cachers. We met us on some stages again.

While making the cache, we saw the creators of the traces I mentioned. Short before the another stage, about 5 big boars ran away to the left side along our path. Their big teeth made us worry a little. But what we saw about 30m in front of us, was even more concerning. A big group of uncountable boar piglets ran over the track in the opposite direction. No adult boar made a move towards us, so we waited a minute and then went to the stage, were the piglets ran into. The area was clear. Once again this made us think about all the horrible stories about boars, and now for the 3rd time, they feared us more than we did fear them.

Then the final was waiting, and laguna.sam was very pleased to see the box full of trackables. We traded some and drove back home to settle another great geocaching day.