Goblins & Geocachers

Another day, another cache. With team rolliradler and laguna.sam the geocaching adventure started in a nice are.

A goblin's treasure is not easy to hunt. But we found the nicely made stages quickly. A nice walk kept our mood up, and the strange weather couldn't stop us. Sun, rain, sun, wind, rain... the goblin must be nearby.
I'm pretty sure my "piping" at one of the stages made him run away for a while. As Laguna.sam asked herself what the animals in the forest are thinking about that sound ;) (see video below).

Then, to find the final, we had to decode a table with runes. It was quite clear. Laguna.sam, myself, and rolliradler had separate tables and we double-checked  each others. At the coordinates it was quite clear, we were wrong. After some time of search, Miss rolliradler used magic over the air and called for help. That worked. a part of the coordinates were wrong. Up until now, we have no clue what went wrong.
Inside the final, we found a wedding ring. No kidding. Man, someone has to be really upset to put this in a cache. But rolliradler had some silver for the goblin, too: A necklace to calm down the creature for finding its treasure :). I put a Geokret in. The Bonus-cache was found quickly. And was nicely made, too. There was some work invested in these caches. Kudos to the owner.

Then we went for another one in the area. An unusual cache, almost like a letterbox, but without a letterbox :). My old trekking compass was very useful. And after some confusion at the start, everything went perfectly fine. A nice way, we had a great talk, fun and laughter.
Then the final. We knew something bad happened. We read the last log before. Someone peed into the cache box and left a note. Yes, right. Idiots are everywhere.
At the location, no box was to be found. With my Android phone, we checked the listing and the owner took the box for maintenance, and was rightfully mad about this incident.
We made a photolog and hoping the owner will accept it.

It was a nice and funny cache-tour. And for the happy end, we all traded some coins and tb's. What could you want more? Great!

Here is an additional outtake from this geocaching tour :D