Body Parts And A Shirt

A strange title, right? But indeed the last weekend, laguna.sam and I were having all of those and more.

A mystery. A murder and a chopped off hand. After watching videos at home to solve the case, we went to the start coordinates. There was the hand to be found with a ring on it. In the ring there were more coordinates for the treasure of the victim. Gruesome, but very nicely made.

Then we had a Letterbox on our radar. We wanted to make this some time before, but it was very cold last time, so we stopped after 5 caches. Cats don't like it when it's too cold :)
But today the weather was perfectly fine for it. The nice area made it fun to solve all the stages. The cat sensors showed us the right place, even me missed 1 stage.

Then up to an interesting place where partisans hid 1848. An old, lost hut in the middle of the forest made the day perfect. At the end,. we booked in a TB-Hotel. Unusual. You can't reach this one by car or other motorized vehicles. You need to walk a little :)

Then Sunday, with team rolliradler and laguna.sam we headed for some another interesting caches. The way of a shirt, from the plant, production, sale and recycling. Awesome to see that insane way, a simple shirt has, before it ends up in our stores. A great informative Geocache. After we solved that without problems, we made the bonus, too, which had a great mechanism. Take a look at the video to hear what I mean :)

And then we went for a difficult cache. From the logs we knew that many had 2 or 3 tries before they found it. But the "dream team" rolliradler,laguna.sam & WiredRyo :) made it possible. The last stage before the final was really tough. First to find it and then to get it. But nettles are my friends and I jumped right into it, climbed a big tree trunk in the morass and found the final coordinates. We all was happy to get this one at the first try.

Now we deserved a reward. We went for a bird zoo where laguna.sam and I enjoyed our favorite ice. Team rolliradler took a cold drink before we went to the small traditional there.

Njam! Laguna.sam and Ryo licking the reward ice :)
Then we headed for a school ground. No problem on Sundays. There you could find some artworks and solve the small riddle. Impressive for a school. Found and then for the last one. A tough mystery, that was solved from team rolliradler some time before.
At the final a croak had occupied the hideout. We tried not to disturb and restored everything carefully.

A great cache weekend again. Let's see what we do for next... I can't wait to find out.


Robbery Geocache

Laguna.sam and I went for a special geocache that is about a robbery more or less. Of course we had some other planned, too.

The first stage was strange. We didn't find it first, but it was quite obvious. Must have been that long drive in the overheated car.
With nice weather at the beginning we then walked to a point where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had this beautiful view before. Really a nice place, and with our first traditional for today and a stage.

The view Goethe had, too.

Then up for the next stage. Now we got "warm". Numbers and coordinates found one after another. And 4 more traditionals. Oh and in the video you can see, we helped a little snake, too :).
At the end, short before the final, at another traditional, Laguna.sam did show no respect for the cache and the little tower of that politician Bismarck. And maybe that was the reason why the weather was turning very badly :).

A thunderstorm came quickly and heavy rain was falling to the earth. And I mean it. We were completely wet. In the video that background noise is the rain. But we found the final. It was a great cache with an awesome final. An electronic safe in the forest, well hidden.

Then back to the car. Wet to the bones, but that wasn't the end. We still had a mystery to do. Laguna.sam was meowing, and didn't really want to do. I lured her with the statistic improvement. And we won't be here every day. So we headed for the coordinates and found it quickly.

Another great caching tour with lots of fun and laughter. Yay!


Feels like Rivendell

Last weekend, Laguna.sam and I headed for an area in the forest. The drive to the parking lot for these caches, made us confident for what we expected. And then, like it is sometimes, we were unexpectedly surprised.

We found, not far from the street an entrance that made us feel we were in Rivendell. A house of rocks, a pavilion over a small river, big stones plastering the forest with steep sides. It really was a special place. We took many breaks to suck in the magic of this nice area.

But we didn't forget for what we were here. On the traces of the princes and dukes, we made a multi, an earthcache and a traditional simultaneously. Everything went fine. We found the coordinates in the house IN the rocks, where it is said, a lone woman lived a long time ago. At the earthcache we trued to measure the density of the rocks. The traditional near the pavilion was tricky to find, but we managed it. It was like to be in a fairy tale :).

After this 3 we had 2 more on our list on the opposite side of the valley. The leftover of an old castle, that is used now for nature classes. On the way to that point we saw cute foxes jumping out of their holes and over the high meadow. As we got the coordinates for the bonus, we wondered. It was somewhat 2.9 miles away. So back to the car, and go for it.

Soon we found the bonus, too and now we knew why it was at this place. There was a direct connection. A tragic story in short: A girl should marry a rich man. But she loved another, and her father, a knight, did not allow this man to be with her daughter. So this man killed himself. He couldn't stand the thought of another man will marry her. When the girl learned about what happend, she went to the lake (start of the Multicache) and drowned herself in the water. When the knight heard about that, he felt really sorry and build a chapel (where the bonus lies) for both of them. For the tragic love that he unintentionally interfered and cost 2 lives.

But regardless the sad story it was a wonderful caching day and laguna.sam and I felt really good.  


A Traditional Round Can Be Nice

A traditional round can also be very nice. On this day I've found 14 Geocaches.

It was unsafe weather, but it kept being okay. So the basics ahere okay. The forst one, was really nicely hidden. I searched for a while and walked 3 times over it. Then I realized:) You need to look precisely for this one. 

Many more where ahead. Under bridges, in the trees as a T4, at signs and trees.
The round led me through fields and acres, at a nice lake, a small forest, and then directly into a small village. So I almost had any kind of terrain. I liked that a lot.

Here is also a short video I made.

Another nice round of geocaches.
I'm going for a special round soon, which already got a lot of credit. Sure, you will read here about this.

Don't forget, you can log my virtual Geokret.
Happy caching!


Wine, Hearts And Ghost Mansion

2 days geocaching in a row. That looked like fun.
On the first day, the weather was very beautiful, so laguna.sam and I went for the fields of wine on a nice trip through a great area.

The cache itself was also nicely made, and included a very special stage.

Some traditionals on the way were also found. One on an old military base under the heavy attack of model aircrafts :).

The next day we made only one cache. But a very special one. Laguna.sam wanted this cache for a long time. So we made the decision. The coordinates were hidden in a picture. Not exactly in the picture, but in its code. With a hex-editor, I squeezed out the stage 1.

As we arrived at the given coordinates from that image, everything looked calm. We were impressed and asked ourselves what has happened here. Some question were answered by examining the junk and documents.

But there was another story.
"Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! -- tear up the planks! -- here, here! -- it is the beating of his hideous heart!" - Edgar Allan Poe
We listened exactly. Thankfully, we didn't hear it. We made the 1st stage. No problem. The 2nd, we knew from the hint. But no coordinates. So we looked through the house and found some stages unintentionally out of order. Then we were back on the track as we stumbled over the 3rd stage. The 5th stage was tough, but after a while our guestcacher had the right idea. And further we went... Then there it was. Not the final but pure horror stressed our nerves. We tried to remain calm as you can see in the photo :).

And then the final. It was the toughest part to find. Apparently the box, wasn't at the original place anymore. At the coordinates, there was only a big load of trunks. The lumberjacks did a tough work here, I'll guess. And as we moved away more and more from the coordinates, we spotted it. We cheered that we found such a hard cache on our own. No telephone involved :)
An awesome cache, and I think everyone that likes lost places will have fun here.

And another great geocaching weekend came to an end with more mysteries. Detective Conan... But that's another story...