Body Parts And A Shirt

A strange title, right? But indeed the last weekend, laguna.sam and I were having all of those and more.

A mystery. A murder and a chopped off hand. After watching videos at home to solve the case, we went to the start coordinates. There was the hand to be found with a ring on it. In the ring there were more coordinates for the treasure of the victim. Gruesome, but very nicely made.

Then we had a Letterbox on our radar. We wanted to make this some time before, but it was very cold last time, so we stopped after 5 caches. Cats don't like it when it's too cold :)
But today the weather was perfectly fine for it. The nice area made it fun to solve all the stages. The cat sensors showed us the right place, even me missed 1 stage.

Then up to an interesting place where partisans hid 1848. An old, lost hut in the middle of the forest made the day perfect. At the end,. we booked in a TB-Hotel. Unusual. You can't reach this one by car or other motorized vehicles. You need to walk a little :)

Then Sunday, with team rolliradler and laguna.sam we headed for some another interesting caches. The way of a shirt, from the plant, production, sale and recycling. Awesome to see that insane way, a simple shirt has, before it ends up in our stores. A great informative Geocache. After we solved that without problems, we made the bonus, too, which had a great mechanism. Take a look at the video to hear what I mean :)

And then we went for a difficult cache. From the logs we knew that many had 2 or 3 tries before they found it. But the "dream team" rolliradler,laguna.sam & WiredRyo :) made it possible. The last stage before the final was really tough. First to find it and then to get it. But nettles are my friends and I jumped right into it, climbed a big tree trunk in the morass and found the final coordinates. We all was happy to get this one at the first try.

Now we deserved a reward. We went for a bird zoo where laguna.sam and I enjoyed our favorite ice. Team rolliradler took a cold drink before we went to the small traditional there.

Njam! Laguna.sam and Ryo licking the reward ice :)
Then we headed for a school ground. No problem on Sundays. There you could find some artworks and solve the small riddle. Impressive for a school. Found and then for the last one. A tough mystery, that was solved from team rolliradler some time before.
At the final a croak had occupied the hideout. We tried not to disturb and restored everything carefully.

A great cache weekend again. Let's see what we do for next... I can't wait to find out.