Feels like Rivendell

Last weekend, Laguna.sam and I headed for an area in the forest. The drive to the parking lot for these caches, made us confident for what we expected. And then, like it is sometimes, we were unexpectedly surprised.

We found, not far from the street an entrance that made us feel we were in Rivendell. A house of rocks, a pavilion over a small river, big stones plastering the forest with steep sides. It really was a special place. We took many breaks to suck in the magic of this nice area.

But we didn't forget for what we were here. On the traces of the princes and dukes, we made a multi, an earthcache and a traditional simultaneously. Everything went fine. We found the coordinates in the house IN the rocks, where it is said, a lone woman lived a long time ago. At the earthcache we trued to measure the density of the rocks. The traditional near the pavilion was tricky to find, but we managed it. It was like to be in a fairy tale :).

After this 3 we had 2 more on our list on the opposite side of the valley. The leftover of an old castle, that is used now for nature classes. On the way to that point we saw cute foxes jumping out of their holes and over the high meadow. As we got the coordinates for the bonus, we wondered. It was somewhat 2.9 miles away. So back to the car, and go for it.

Soon we found the bonus, too and now we knew why it was at this place. There was a direct connection. A tragic story in short: A girl should marry a rich man. But she loved another, and her father, a knight, did not allow this man to be with her daughter. So this man killed himself. He couldn't stand the thought of another man will marry her. When the girl learned about what happend, she went to the lake (start of the Multicache) and drowned herself in the water. When the knight heard about that, he felt really sorry and build a chapel (where the bonus lies) for both of them. For the tragic love that he unintentionally interfered and cost 2 lives.

But regardless the sad story it was a wonderful caching day and laguna.sam and I felt really good.