Robbery Geocache

Laguna.sam and I went for a special geocache that is about a robbery more or less. Of course we had some other planned, too.

The first stage was strange. We didn't find it first, but it was quite obvious. Must have been that long drive in the overheated car.
With nice weather at the beginning we then walked to a point where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had this beautiful view before. Really a nice place, and with our first traditional for today and a stage.

The view Goethe had, too.

Then up for the next stage. Now we got "warm". Numbers and coordinates found one after another. And 4 more traditionals. Oh and in the video you can see, we helped a little snake, too :).
At the end, short before the final, at another traditional, Laguna.sam did show no respect for the cache and the little tower of that politician Bismarck. And maybe that was the reason why the weather was turning very badly :).

A thunderstorm came quickly and heavy rain was falling to the earth. And I mean it. We were completely wet. In the video that background noise is the rain. But we found the final. It was a great cache with an awesome final. An electronic safe in the forest, well hidden.

Then back to the car. Wet to the bones, but that wasn't the end. We still had a mystery to do. Laguna.sam was meowing, and didn't really want to do. I lured her with the statistic improvement. And we won't be here every day. So we headed for the coordinates and found it quickly.

Another great caching tour with lots of fun and laughter. Yay!