A Traditional Round Can Be Nice

A traditional round can also be very nice. On this day I've found 14 Geocaches.

It was unsafe weather, but it kept being okay. So the basics ahere okay. The forst one, was really nicely hidden. I searched for a while and walked 3 times over it. Then I realized:) You need to look precisely for this one. 

Many more where ahead. Under bridges, in the trees as a T4, at signs and trees.
The round led me through fields and acres, at a nice lake, a small forest, and then directly into a small village. So I almost had any kind of terrain. I liked that a lot.

Here is also a short video I made.

Another nice round of geocaches.
I'm going for a special round soon, which already got a lot of credit. Sure, you will read here about this.

Don't forget, you can log my virtual Geokret.
Happy caching!