Wine, Hearts And Ghost Mansion

2 days geocaching in a row. That looked like fun.
On the first day, the weather was very beautiful, so laguna.sam and I went for the fields of wine on a nice trip through a great area.

The cache itself was also nicely made, and included a very special stage.

Some traditionals on the way were also found. One on an old military base under the heavy attack of model aircrafts :).

The next day we made only one cache. But a very special one. Laguna.sam wanted this cache for a long time. So we made the decision. The coordinates were hidden in a picture. Not exactly in the picture, but in its code. With a hex-editor, I squeezed out the stage 1.

As we arrived at the given coordinates from that image, everything looked calm. We were impressed and asked ourselves what has happened here. Some question were answered by examining the junk and documents.

But there was another story.
"Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! -- tear up the planks! -- here, here! -- it is the beating of his hideous heart!" - Edgar Allan Poe
We listened exactly. Thankfully, we didn't hear it. We made the 1st stage. No problem. The 2nd, we knew from the hint. But no coordinates. So we looked through the house and found some stages unintentionally out of order. Then we were back on the track as we stumbled over the 3rd stage. The 5th stage was tough, but after a while our guestcacher had the right idea. And further we went... Then there it was. Not the final but pure horror stressed our nerves. We tried to remain calm as you can see in the photo :).

And then the final. It was the toughest part to find. Apparently the box, wasn't at the original place anymore. At the coordinates, there was only a big load of trunks. The lumberjacks did a tough work here, I'll guess. And as we moved away more and more from the coordinates, we spotted it. We cheered that we found such a hard cache on our own. No telephone involved :)
An awesome cache, and I think everyone that likes lost places will have fun here.

And another great geocaching weekend came to an end with more mysteries. Detective Conan... But that's another story...