Indiana Jones, Telescopes And Flying Hair

Laguna.sam, team rolliradler and myself learnt something today: If a sports event is near you, don't go for a geocache if you don't want to get directed back and forth trough the city :).
After accomplishing that adventure, we set on to our real one for today. Indiana Jones related. Nicely made. Unfortunately I cant show you much of this without spoil too much. Sorry!

Another one leads us to a tower in the forest. And man it's windy up there. Look for yourself.

And why were we up there?

You had to take a photo via a webcam installed far away coupled with a telescope. You could operate that webcam via your cell phone. Awesome!

Walking through the forest. Team rolliradler ahead, followed by laguna.sam. I took the photo as usual :) I wished the others also had decent camera phones and made more photos of me.

Then time for a traditional underground. My favorite place... the sewage :) Man this sounds so wrong.

A nice idea to hide it there. But the description was awful. However, it was great to log there deep in the sewage.

So that was the last weekend. In addition I found a couple of Munzees. I like that to scan them while geocaching. I'll try to put up another article tomorrow, from my geocaching trip yesterday. Happy caching everyone!


When Animals Steal The Attention

This weekend the highlight should have been a cache that Laguna.sam looked up. But everything was different. Because there were nutrias :).

Click to see the video
Suddenly the Earthcache was the highlight, or more precisely the animals at the location. So cute. We fed them, and they carefully took the food out of our hands. We spent some time there, and made a lot of photos. Take a look at some of them.

Of course, we nearly forgot to answer the question to make log it. But in the end we managed to leave this and went for the main cache. A movie based experience :). As we moved from stage to stage... I forgot to take any photos, still under the impression of the nutrias :)

But we also had a traditional to make. At another impressive location. Big planes pondered over our head at the FFM Airport.I made a short video, too.

Click to see the video
Now for the Letterbox. Nice stages with photos pinned on trees and in containers. The final box was nicely hidden at a near lake. A great place. On the way back to the car, we also got the bonus for this letterbox. This relatively new letterbox is worth the little round. Too bad all trackables were plundered. Why can't people just put another trackable in, when they are taking out one?

As the last one, we made a traditional. The idea was great. But at the location we kept searching and searching. No cache. After some time, laguna.sam indicated the found. And she found the cache before the tool to find it :). A plumb should show the spot on the ground. Another unexpected surprise: The geocache was also a Munzee. That's nice! I scanned the Munzee QR-Code inside and had an additional found :)

A beautiful day with a lot of animals and fun. Again and again I'm wondering how Geocaching can be enchanting. It's like making adventure holidays.


2 Geocaches A Day Keeps The Worry Away

Last weekend, laguna.sam and I made only 2 Caches. A letterbox and a multi.

The letterbox was discovered by her and with all the favorite points, we couldn't do something wrong. The weather was unstable but we set off for it. It was about the "Lord of the mountains", also called "Rübezahl".
The 1st and only stage was impressive. You need to get a key out of a well shaft. Spiders did play a role for laguna.sam the whole day :) This forest was overran by spiders. And the stage was under a floor of webs. After trying to get the object with the provided tool, I gave up and just took it with my hand. Surprisingly I could reach it comfortably. Do I have arms that long?

Then we went to the estimated place, and found a broken toilet cabin(!). Well, like laguna.sam said, even the "Lord of the mountains" need to go for little mountain-ghosts :) We didn't digged there any further and after a little search we found the right place. We put our stamps inside, like it is supposed for a letterbox, and back to the car.

The next one... well I think I might just write my log here. It says it all:
"Aiport QSH approaching. Tower, we can't find the runway...ummm"
Laguna.sam and I flied to this location with nice weather and clear sight. But still, the approach was clearly the most complicated part. The navigation led us to impossible ways, and wrong routes. The official runway to land wasn't easy to find.
But in the end, we arrived and took off for the stage. Quickly we found the numbers and Laguna.sam was determining the right coordinates. After some search [what she wrote in the log :)] we found the container and we arrived at our destination.
A comfortable place to log and trade trackables :) And so we did.
Oh and again, spiders played a big role for my nice accompaniment.

That's all for this weekend. 2 caches only, but it was fun and the weather kept being good.

Don't forget to log my virtual Geokret, if you like.
Happy caching everyone!


In The Deep, Deep Jungle...

Last weekend Laguna.sam and I were in Africa for a traditional cache round. Well, not really Africa, but it almost felt like it.

Laguna.sam hates traditional rounds, but this one was highly recommended to us. So we made our camel ready to take us there. Well, I could write everything in detail. But I will make it a bit shorter this time.
The great idea of this round really gives awareness for that great continent. The beautiful and the bad. With all the real African stuff you can find in the cache containers, that the owner brought back from Africa, is amazing. Normally I would give credits to the owner. But you know, I don't want to spoil the cache. So if you're lucky you will find this someday.

The tremendous work that was put into this round, is awesome. We really had fun big time.
At the last stage we met some new cachers that proudly presented us the decoration and stuff from inside the caches we just made. We explained that this is not for trade. They promised to put the stuff back. The owner, after we tipped them, contacted them and we're all happy that the cache round is still available. Great that those new cachers did learn and were kind and friendly.

We had a great and fun day. We can't thank enough that those precious stuff was for cachers to see and feel. Enjoy the pictures and the short video.
Another awesome cache tour!