In The Deep, Deep Jungle...

Last weekend Laguna.sam and I were in Africa for a traditional cache round. Well, not really Africa, but it almost felt like it.

Laguna.sam hates traditional rounds, but this one was highly recommended to us. So we made our camel ready to take us there. Well, I could write everything in detail. But I will make it a bit shorter this time.
The great idea of this round really gives awareness for that great continent. The beautiful and the bad. With all the real African stuff you can find in the cache containers, that the owner brought back from Africa, is amazing. Normally I would give credits to the owner. But you know, I don't want to spoil the cache. So if you're lucky you will find this someday.

The tremendous work that was put into this round, is awesome. We really had fun big time.
At the last stage we met some new cachers that proudly presented us the decoration and stuff from inside the caches we just made. We explained that this is not for trade. They promised to put the stuff back. The owner, after we tipped them, contacted them and we're all happy that the cache round is still available. Great that those new cachers did learn and were kind and friendly.

We had a great and fun day. We can't thank enough that those precious stuff was for cachers to see and feel. Enjoy the pictures and the short video.
Another awesome cache tour!