Indiana Jones, Telescopes And Flying Hair

Laguna.sam, team rolliradler and myself learnt something today: If a sports event is near you, don't go for a geocache if you don't want to get directed back and forth trough the city :).
After accomplishing that adventure, we set on to our real one for today. Indiana Jones related. Nicely made. Unfortunately I cant show you much of this without spoil too much. Sorry!

Another one leads us to a tower in the forest. And man it's windy up there. Look for yourself.

And why were we up there?

You had to take a photo via a webcam installed far away coupled with a telescope. You could operate that webcam via your cell phone. Awesome!

Walking through the forest. Team rolliradler ahead, followed by laguna.sam. I took the photo as usual :) I wished the others also had decent camera phones and made more photos of me.

Then time for a traditional underground. My favorite place... the sewage :) Man this sounds so wrong.

A nice idea to hide it there. But the description was awful. However, it was great to log there deep in the sewage.

So that was the last weekend. In addition I found a couple of Munzees. I like that to scan them while geocaching. I'll try to put up another article tomorrow, from my geocaching trip yesterday. Happy caching everyone!