When Animals Steal The Attention

This weekend the highlight should have been a cache that Laguna.sam looked up. But everything was different. Because there were nutrias :).

Click to see the video
Suddenly the Earthcache was the highlight, or more precisely the animals at the location. So cute. We fed them, and they carefully took the food out of our hands. We spent some time there, and made a lot of photos. Take a look at some of them.

Of course, we nearly forgot to answer the question to make log it. But in the end we managed to leave this and went for the main cache. A movie based experience :). As we moved from stage to stage... I forgot to take any photos, still under the impression of the nutrias :)

But we also had a traditional to make. At another impressive location. Big planes pondered over our head at the FFM Airport.I made a short video, too.

Click to see the video
Now for the Letterbox. Nice stages with photos pinned on trees and in containers. The final box was nicely hidden at a near lake. A great place. On the way back to the car, we also got the bonus for this letterbox. This relatively new letterbox is worth the little round. Too bad all trackables were plundered. Why can't people just put another trackable in, when they are taking out one?

As the last one, we made a traditional. The idea was great. But at the location we kept searching and searching. No cache. After some time, laguna.sam indicated the found. And she found the cache before the tool to find it :). A plumb should show the spot on the ground. Another unexpected surprise: The geocache was also a Munzee. That's nice! I scanned the Munzee QR-Code inside and had an additional found :)

A beautiful day with a lot of animals and fun. Again and again I'm wondering how Geocaching can be enchanting. It's like making adventure holidays.