Impressions about the latest tours

Here are some impressions from my latest tours. From the first July weekend together with Laguna.sam, and from the following Wednesday.

Water in the woods? Not so easy.

Where is the coconut tree? Well here is a container dispenser.

Laguna.sam and I posing for the Earthcache.
Yummy, I nearly ate the cache container.

Okay, I'm not going to eat this one. Yuck. But Laguna.sam and I enjoyed the view.

And on Wednesday, I had some really nice views. It was an exhausting, little trail. Through the woods of Heidelberg, the city of the philosophers :)

Me at the rocks. No really, they city of the philosophers :).

That was worth the panorama shot.

Climbing there was quite exhaustive.
But the view was awesome.

That were some great experiences. Can't wait for the next trip.