A Walk With Strange Containers

I'm pretty much behind on reporting my trips. So, let's start with with this one I made last week.

No time to put the photos in the video as intended. Instead take a look at the photos here.

 From here it all started today. The weather was nice to me.

The opened cross. That was insane. You can't open it just like that.

A box in the tree: Easy. A box like the one on the left: Found quickly but then... how to open?

And old ice cellar and a really, really big table. I could have fun with those.

  The castle of Neckarhausen

Gave a Geokret back to freedom. A pirate coin. Let the plunder begin... hey don't take those words seriously. Arrrr!

I hope you enjoy the stuff. Soon I'll post more geocaching adventures. I already have the material :)