Dog Round Without a Dog

Here we go again. Last Sunday, Laguna.sam and I went for another small geocaching tour. With about 99° Fahrenheit, we didn't want to make an overly long caching day. But the worst was the drive to the coordinates. Traffic and the card didn't have air conditioning. It was extremely hot and the sun burned into the car showing no mercy.

At the beginning, we found some really "shitty" stations :). No I don't want to offend the owner, but take a look for yourself :)

Umm... you need to take this off.

After several stages we ended up at the final. It was awesome. Nice!

 Take a look at the very short video. There was something to hear, too.

 After that we went to the bonus for this multi. Yes, we are greedy. We stop fighting over the bone and decided "fastest gets more". Wait I'm vegan... but plastic is okay :).

And another short round was over. And then we drove back with the car. Did I mentioned it had no air conditioning? Ah, and the car had no air conditioning... really.
Happy Geocaching everyone!


At The Geocaching-Event "GCHN meets Genusscacher"

A nice locations, a pleasant Event, high visit from North Germany. No big affords needed for team rolliradler and laguna.sam to convince me to attend.

It was really nice, had a lot of good talks, and Android was involved, too :) What do you need more? Oh, lots of trackables of course. Everything was present. I enjoyed our round at the table with SpĆ¼rnasen XXL, laguna.sam, rolliradler, momolila and all the other kind cachers that I met there.
At the location, it was very nice with a great view. The Koenig-Ludwig-Biergarten even have some vegan food. Awesome.

 Team Rabbits with a special Travelbug. Awesome!

An honorable bear as a TB, I couldn't resist to take him with me. The ladies in front of the great view at the caching tour after the event.

After that nice event, we burned some calories with a little tour. Four nice caches in a great area near the event-location. Fun and laughter were assured.
Thanks to all for that nice day.

Have a good time and happy geocaching!


Some more Geocaching adventures

I'm a little behind with posting about the caching tours. So I give you some highlights, or interesting stuff from the latest walks.

With Bunny in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Is that the hideout for the cache? I don't know. Gave up, because I don't want to risk touching live wires. The construction had working lamps with high voltages and I was totally exposed.

The only really nice cache today. A Snow White Letterbox.

Why? Why do you want to place a cache here. It's on that sign in the middle of the road.

The caches in Ludwigsburg are kind of strange. At last the 10 I visited.

And in another area, Bunny and I found even more interesting caches. The earwigs are really out of control this summer. They are everywhere. I hope the owners take care of that. I already ha a totally screwed up cache that wasn't logable because of this.

Ha, a nicely made Buddha-cache. The earwigs are horrible this year. 

With Laguna.sam in Sausenheim, Germany and around that area. Visited another Letterbox, a TB-Hotel and an interesting cache at a small bridge. The last has this little plush cute dog inside. I had to take it with me.Take a look at the video I made from a great hideout.

 Another Letterbox. Fun with traffic signs. And what a cute "Schnuffel" Travelbug.

These were some caches. A short post about a Geocaching-Event on Saturday follows tomorrow.
Thanks for reading and as always, happy geocaching!