At The Geocaching-Event "GCHN meets Genusscacher"

A nice locations, a pleasant Event, high visit from North Germany. No big affords needed for team rolliradler and laguna.sam to convince me to attend.

It was really nice, had a lot of good talks, and Android was involved, too :) What do you need more? Oh, lots of trackables of course. Everything was present. I enjoyed our round at the table with Sp├╝rnasen XXL, laguna.sam, rolliradler, momolila and all the other kind cachers that I met there.
At the location, it was very nice with a great view. The Koenig-Ludwig-Biergarten even have some vegan food. Awesome.

 Team Rabbits with a special Travelbug. Awesome!

An honorable bear as a TB, I couldn't resist to take him with me. The ladies in front of the great view at the caching tour after the event.

After that nice event, we burned some calories with a little tour. Four nice caches in a great area near the event-location. Fun and laughter were assured.
Thanks to all for that nice day.

Have a good time and happy geocaching!