Dog Round Without a Dog

Here we go again. Last Sunday, Laguna.sam and I went for another small geocaching tour. With about 99° Fahrenheit, we didn't want to make an overly long caching day. But the worst was the drive to the coordinates. Traffic and the card didn't have air conditioning. It was extremely hot and the sun burned into the car showing no mercy.

At the beginning, we found some really "shitty" stations :). No I don't want to offend the owner, but take a look for yourself :)

Umm... you need to take this off.

After several stages we ended up at the final. It was awesome. Nice!

 Take a look at the very short video. There was something to hear, too.

 After that we went to the bonus for this multi. Yes, we are greedy. We stop fighting over the bone and decided "fastest gets more". Wait I'm vegan... but plastic is okay :).

And another short round was over. And then we drove back with the car. Did I mentioned it had no air conditioning? Ah, and the car had no air conditioning... really.
Happy Geocaching everyone!