Some more Geocaching adventures

I'm a little behind with posting about the caching tours. So I give you some highlights, or interesting stuff from the latest walks.

With Bunny in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Is that the hideout for the cache? I don't know. Gave up, because I don't want to risk touching live wires. The construction had working lamps with high voltages and I was totally exposed.

The only really nice cache today. A Snow White Letterbox.

Why? Why do you want to place a cache here. It's on that sign in the middle of the road.

The caches in Ludwigsburg are kind of strange. At last the 10 I visited.

And in another area, Bunny and I found even more interesting caches. The earwigs are really out of control this summer. They are everywhere. I hope the owners take care of that. I already ha a totally screwed up cache that wasn't logable because of this.

Ha, a nicely made Buddha-cache. The earwigs are horrible this year. 

With Laguna.sam in Sausenheim, Germany and around that area. Visited another Letterbox, a TB-Hotel and an interesting cache at a small bridge. The last has this little plush cute dog inside. I had to take it with me.Take a look at the video I made from a great hideout.

 Another Letterbox. Fun with traffic signs. And what a cute "Schnuffel" Travelbug.

These were some caches. A short post about a Geocaching-Event on Saturday follows tomorrow.
Thanks for reading and as always, happy geocaching!