Laguna.sam's 1000th Geocache Found

This was the day. Today, the 1000th found for Laguna.sam was on the plan. After getting 3 quick traditionals before to count to the right number, Team rolliradler, Laguna.sam and myself went for a difficult and long Multi-Cache. D4.5 and T3.5 was appropriate for an anniversary cache round through the forest. It took us 8:20 hours and about 8.6 miles to get the final. And some of us, even got wet feet :). There was also a unexpected refreshment available, where I and the male part of team rolliradler got our drinks. Here is a short video and some impressions.

You had to blow into a tube. We expected that it's a kind of flute, but it wasn't. Instead, a marble popped out :) We scratched our head what this meant. After further examination we found the coordinates for the next stage engraved on the marble. Awesome idea.

Some stages were really tricky.

No, I'm not afraid of spiders...noooo.

Nice places and so much fun. Discussing the strategy.

   1000 Founds! Congratulations Laguna.sam!

And the photo of our group today.

Once again, congratulations to Laguna.sam for this nice anniversary. And thanks to team rolliradler for making this day a big success and putting so much fun in this.
And of course to the owner, who might recognize this, to give us all this joy and a cache worth for an anniversary. 
Happy Geocaching!