At the 1st GIGA-Event Project Munich 2014

The first GIGA event ever?

Laguna.sam and I had to be there! Together with Team Rolliradler we made the long trip to Munich. We arrived at the Olympic Stadium where the event was held, after so many registrations.

Of course the main target was the many Geocoin and accessories shops. Laguna.sam bravely jumped into the masses to get a glimpse of new trackables. And some where bought, too :). The surrounding was great.

Not many places to rest. But at a gaming point, we found a place to sit down for a moment, eat something and get a little energy.

Laguna.sam is GIGA!                           WiredRyo is GIGA!

The proof: Here is our log.

Planning the Geocaches we want to get during the event and where to go from here with Team Rolliradler. We made a traditional right at the stadium, and a multicache. Only this two. The event consumed most of our time. And we went to the Sommerfest for a quick snack and shelter from the rain.

And of course at the end we were glad to met the mighty signal.

It really was a nice event and a great day. We had a lot of fun and saw interesting places. At the way home, we made another final in Ulm, at a restaurant, where we refreshed us with drinks, until we made the long way home.

Update: The official video from this event is out now. Great!