2000 Cache Finds Anniversary

This time, Laguna.sam and I headed to an awesome place.
My 2000th find was to be made at last. The drive didn't feel very long, even if it was some mileage. We were very curious about, how this cache will be made. Some photos in the gallery made were very promising, so we had high hopes. The weather on the way was not so good at first, but the closer we got, the better the weather. And as we arrived, the sun was shining and the temperature was comfortable.
Laguna.sam took the role of Anugkh, the brave.  It was hard not to grunt all the time in the role as a prehistoric homo erectus :). Ugh. So the search began.

The first stage took a bit longer. But after we finally found it, we headed on the nice way. Steep on the first part, but with every step higher, we had better views. And at stage V, we really took some time and we enjoyed the view, taking many photos. We almost forgot about the stage :).
Up ahead for many other exciting oversights of the region. A family of geese with cute kids crossed the street before us in bright sunshine, and birds of prey were circling above our heads.

Finally we arrived at the camp of the clan, where we saw the impressive elephant and the rhino. After a short fight with the elephant, Laguna.sam ended up in his stomach :D, but she wasn't enough food, so I ended up there, too ;). Surprisingly, I found a Munzee and scanned it. Totally unintentional :).

And then, the final was to be found. We soon spotted it, and happily logged. Anugkh & Co. were happy! Ugahh!

After this great multi with breathtaking views, and a very good route, we headed for the bonus of course, which also gave us a smile :)

It was such a wonderful day with a lot of fun and laughter. We really enjoyed it.