Mega-Event Geocoinfest 2014 Ulm

A Geocoin event? Laguna.sam and I had to be there to see all the nice goods.

So we took the car and traveled to Ulm, where we took the given parking area, and used the public transit to the location. We met with Team Rolliradler there.

Arrived at the event, we went for nearby caches. But not before we hit the merchant area to get some coins and looked around. And see who we met there?

Grabbed Signal again. Signal never can flee from us :). But discovered virtually :)

A great view from our walk through Neu-Ulm. Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate on tour :) 
And our log! Great idea with the little boats on Friday, and the birds where we could log. 

We had a lot of fun there, and we bought some coins. After the big Letterbox at the location, we said goodbye to Rolliradler and drove the long way back home, were we shot photos from the "loot" we've got :)