Pyrmonter Felsensteig

I'll have to post one tour after another. But time is rare. So I'll show you a very nice trip on the Pyrmonter Felsensteig from October 2015.
Together with Laguna.sam and guestcacher Stu, we were very curious about this way. It was awarded the most beautiful hiking track in Germany. Expectations were high.

Before that, we decided to visit an Earthcache for the Souvenir on that day. Yay, it's Eartchcache day 2015, too. So we ended up at the Grube Camilla, which is strangely reachable from a highway parking lot. Really not very far from it. Unexpected but very welcome not to lose too much time on th way. Some nice minerals and a strangely nice area made it a good start for the day.

Minerals and the raiders :): Ryo, Stu and Laguna.sam

Arrived at the Burg Pyrmont, where we started the tour, we were lucky that the area was open. The yard of the castle is closed most of the time.

A bit away from the castle, you'll find the way on open fields giving a nice view

One place you'll reach if you follow the path.

Even a small cave is on the way.

And yes, the terrain is in geocaching terms a T3-3,5. Most of the time you'll get away with a T2-2.5. It can be very slippery on rainy days. So expect it to be 4-4,5 when it's rainy or even frozen. On steep slate ways, ice is some serious stuff you know :).
And yes, we found some caches on the way. Not the one you would expect in that place, but at least no film canisters. This one we found at the end of our tour, is nicely made.

In the end we were very happy to made this track. It's not a highlight for the caches itself, but if you want to grab a few caches and have an amazing view and a nice track to walk, the Pyrmonter Felsensteig and the Castle Pyrmont is the place for you.


Doctor Who Geocoin LE "Timelord" & Owl NFC Tag

I just activated the Doctor Who Geocoin LE "Timelord" & an Owl NFC trackable tag.

I'm thinking about to make the Owl virtually discoverable on the Internet like I did with my virtual Geokret. I can't decide right now. Something says "why not", but then again... I don't know. Have to think a bit more about it.


At the Red Lion Mega Event

Luxembourg got its first mega-event and Laguna.sam and I were there to join it.

After the Giga-Events in Munich and Mainz, we had to focus that this is a mega-event and judge it with that in mind. The parking situation was great. Finally an event with enough room at the event location, without having to walk miles or even use public tranportation to get to the event location. This is the way to do.

By the way, Dudelange seems to be a very nice place. And the location for the event couldn't have been better. An abandoned place. Yes, an event in a lost place so to say. There were a lot of old buildings to peek sneak inside, and it was very interesting.

The hall, were most merchants had their place, was also an abandoned building. Some details were fun. We found old documents from this company in the "trackable room". Awesome.
And we were happy to see there is a hall. The temperature went up to 38° during that day, and we sweated like crazy. This was the reason we didn't got much caches. But we decided to come back on another day with better conditions and more time.
Nonetheless we did find a traditional that was made to honor the Italian steel workers from Dudelange. There was a lab cache, too. I wonder if the neighborhood there wondered how much respect these workers got that day :).

After leaving the event, which was nice and basic, and very well organized, we went to Schengen, the famous city in Europe where the Schengen treaty was signed.
It was a nice day in Luxembourg, which looks like to be the center of Europe for a reason. The Red Lion Event was an old school event, that made fun in a great location. Oh, and did I mentioned, we got the souvenirs, too :)


Yay! Element14 Tag Arrived

I enlisted for an element14 tag and to my surprise I got a letter from Groundspeak including this:

Very nice idea and I'm researching now how I can contribute to this by visiting a cache with the Tag.
The thing is that the map of technical highlights is quite empty. So I'll have to first add more places. Strange, and it's a bit of a head-scratcher. Guess I'll then need to visit a cache near such a remarkable tech place. Let's see.


If you found the best cache ever, how do you say something about it?

I really want to show and tell you everything about the cache last weekend, that guestcacher Stu, Laguna.sam and I found. But I don't want to spoil too much or even expose that cache too much. On the other side, everybody should do this cache once in their geocaching career :). It's that awesome.

So I decided to be very careful with the photos and writing about that cache, but give you the name of these, which I normally just do other way around. Those are 2 caches: Dexter and Dexter², based on the TV-Series with the same name. It doesn't harm if you read a bit in that Wikipedia article.
We made Dexter first and then we moved to Dexter² which is a bit away from the first. But I recommend doing it in that order. These are no caches to walk for hours in the forest. The tracks are very short.
The extraordinary installations are really awesome. Especially at Dexter² you really think that it can't be. No really? Then you try and yes it is true. Unbelievable.
And now I want to write... but now, sorry. Trust me, you can drive some hundred miles to see this, you won't be disappointed.
Please, check the listing, what you need. You need a good UV lamp, which I bought especially for this cache, and as a big recommendation, take a working photo camera with you that can work with a regular SDcard, since there seem to be a problem with batteries there. Just in case. It saved us from a DNF. AND take more than €11 with you. You won't regret.

I think that's all I can say expect, I've done something for you. A Pebble watchface :)

You can download it for free of course, and use it to remember that cache. Or use it while doing it.
To note, this is made from a photo I took from the official Dexter Coin. Yes, there is even a trackable coin for it.


UV Torch for a special caching trip

Next week a special caching trip is on. At these caches you'll need a good UV torch for getting to the final.
I had a small, but quite powerful UV pocket torch for some time now, and often used for those caches. But this time you'll need to search whole rooms for hidden evidence. That's why I bought a new, more powerful one.

It has 21 LED with 395nm UV light emission. Don't cross the streams :)
Powered with 3 AAA batteries it has enough juice to light up a whole room in UV light. It's quite impressive.
But you'll end up finding strange things all around :)

So, I will write about this particular cache next week. I think it really can be interesting ;)


Great... c:geo got a new update that is worth it

If you are a geocaching professional (whatever that means ;) ), you likely use c:geo at some point. The best geocaching app in my humble opinion, just got even better.

The changelog is quite big. I marked the highlights.

New: Improved waypoint editor design (Save button now in title bar)
New: Full support of GeoKrety (Use: Menu - Services - GeoKrety)
New: Optionally disable direction line in maps
New: Undo available for some actions
New: Copy coords from waypoints to clipboard
New: Catch more http links to GPX files from the browser
New: Only turn off GPS in some views if "Low power mode" is active in settings
New: Refresh menu option for trackables
New: Can import TerraCaching.com GPX files
New: Also offer c:geo for opening https cache links
Fix: Close search bar when selecting a cache
Fix: List filter sometimes lost when returning to list
Fix: Sygic navigation working again
Fix: Don't automove marked caches when switching lists
Fix: Waypoint type naming on GPX export corrected
Fix: Improved refresh button size in cache details
Fix: Fixed some possible memory leaks
Fix: Wrong log count shown after logging something else than a found
Fix: Copy to clipboard not possible on Android 5.1
Fix: Cache links in Groundspeaks weekly mails not opening
Fix: Heading line had wrong target when started from compass
Fix: Crash opening geochecker from cache

So for the fans of Geokrety.org, a kind of "open source and free" trackable, this is huge. You can now log Geokrets directly just like any other trackable from geocaching.com. That means no more hassle with the official site, and even with the browser plug-in (Geokrety Toolbox) it was not perfect to log Geokrets on the web. It's over now. Log with c:geo and you're good. Awesome.

Another important thing is thaat you can now open https links with c:geo.
Undo was badly needed. Now it's reality, of course not for everything. But this will help a lot if you did something unwanted.
Now you can also prevent GPS from being turned off and on the other side you can put c:geo in a low power mode which comes handy if you have a separate GPSr anyway.

With all this it's hard for the competition. I don't care if this app is free as in beer, I would pay a lot for c:geo (don't tell the devs ;) ), but it's also free and open source. It's available on Android. Due to restrictions on the Apple app store it's very unlikely that you'll ever get this app. There may be some alternatives on iOS, but it will be hard to be on par with this one.

Surprise Caching Round

Even if you saw many great things and installations, a surprisingly good Multi cache can make you wonder again.

(See Photo Album of this little tour)

A hot day was coming, so Laguna.sam and I decided to take a multi on a easy terrain with no mountains. We found something that sounded good. But after a few stages it turned out to be very good indeed.
All stages were made nicely and original. Good ideas, including the use of UV light, mysterious symbols, nice handcrafted things and thrilling object.

Do you every tried to get stuff out of a wobbling jelly? Sound not like fun, but it was a special jelly that don't stick on your fingers. It was fun. Yes we searched sometimes a bit longer than usual, but the results always paid off.

Between the stages we also made a traditional that Laguna.sam had found to be quite interesting. And I'm glad we visited the place.
Textile art in the forest. Nice.

The small forest was greatly used. Though we hesitated sometimes to walk through the vegetation, it was all made with the permission of the forest ranger.
Nice. So we went on stage after stage. And there were a lot.
Arriving at the final a coffin was waiting to be opened :)
Awesome. You can find some more photos in an album at Google Photos.

Yes, sometimes, you'll find a little diamond unexpectedly.


Gutenberg GIGA Event 2015 Mainz

Finally the Gutenberg Event!
Laguna.sam and I planned this for almost a year. We already bought the trackables for it, which is some kind of a landmark for the city of Mainz. The "Mainzelmännchen" :D

Of course a special mascot couldn't flee from us, and we made our mandatory group photo: Signal! :)

So we were very excited about this Giga-Event. A wonderful day in a wonderful area and good mood all around.

Of course we made some caches in Mainz and we easily could see cachers everywhere flooding the city :). We saw many nice places, and had a lot of fun. So great!

The waiting time for the Maze-event was really the worst thing today. But everything else was great, even for us vegans there was enough food, and so we drove home in a very good mood.
We visited every single merchant :) and got some great stuff. 

 Run at the merchants :) and waiting for the Maze

And the 2nd GIGA event we attended came to an end. Awesome!


CITO 2015

This year's CITO came with a nice souvenir from Geocaching.com.
Of course, Laguna.sam and Team Rolliradler didn't miss our yearly Cache In Trash Out.

So we went on to collect the garbage other mindless people threw away in the woods. We didn't patricipate in the contest for collecting the most. We just cared about the cleaning of that area. And man, what did we found. Tons of junk.
Imagine to put a full canister (20 L) of fuel in the forest not even hidden from the sun. Oh dear. What's wrong with people?
However we found one bag after another and brought it to a big container where everything was collected. And then the owner of this CITO cam up with his car full of wheels. And one more, and more and more. In the end 102 wheels were collected. Apparently a company just threw them out on a parking lot in the forest.

Then it was time to get a break and eat something. Yummy. And don't you ever say dogs don't like soy sausages :). He was all for it.

Done with that, Team Rolliradler, Laguna.sam and I continued to get some nice caches. It was a great and successful caching day!