CITO 2015

This year's CITO came with a nice souvenir from Geocaching.com.
Of course, Laguna.sam and Team Rolliradler didn't miss our yearly Cache In Trash Out.

So we went on to collect the garbage other mindless people threw away in the woods. We didn't patricipate in the contest for collecting the most. We just cared about the cleaning of that area. And man, what did we found. Tons of junk.
Imagine to put a full canister (20 L) of fuel in the forest not even hidden from the sun. Oh dear. What's wrong with people?
However we found one bag after another and brought it to a big container where everything was collected. And then the owner of this CITO cam up with his car full of wheels. And one more, and more and more. In the end 102 wheels were collected. Apparently a company just threw them out on a parking lot in the forest.

Then it was time to get a break and eat something. Yummy. And don't you ever say dogs don't like soy sausages :). He was all for it.

Done with that, Team Rolliradler, Laguna.sam and I continued to get some nice caches. It was a great and successful caching day!