Gutenberg GIGA Event 2015 Mainz

Finally the Gutenberg Event!
Laguna.sam and I planned this for almost a year. We already bought the trackables for it, which is some kind of a landmark for the city of Mainz. The "Mainzelmännchen" :D

Of course a special mascot couldn't flee from us, and we made our mandatory group photo: Signal! :)

So we were very excited about this Giga-Event. A wonderful day in a wonderful area and good mood all around.

Of course we made some caches in Mainz and we easily could see cachers everywhere flooding the city :). We saw many nice places, and had a lot of fun. So great!

The waiting time for the Maze-event was really the worst thing today. But everything else was great, even for us vegans there was enough food, and so we drove home in a very good mood.
We visited every single merchant :) and got some great stuff. 

 Run at the merchants :) and waiting for the Maze

And the 2nd GIGA event we attended came to an end. Awesome!