If you found the best cache ever, how do you say something about it?

I really want to show and tell you everything about the cache last weekend, that guestcacher Stu, Laguna.sam and I found. But I don't want to spoil too much or even expose that cache too much. On the other side, everybody should do this cache once in their geocaching career :). It's that awesome.

So I decided to be very careful with the photos and writing about that cache, but give you the name of these, which I normally just do other way around. Those are 2 caches: Dexter and Dexter², based on the TV-Series with the same name. It doesn't harm if you read a bit in that Wikipedia article.
We made Dexter first and then we moved to Dexter² which is a bit away from the first. But I recommend doing it in that order. These are no caches to walk for hours in the forest. The tracks are very short.
The extraordinary installations are really awesome. Especially at Dexter² you really think that it can't be. No really? Then you try and yes it is true. Unbelievable.
And now I want to write... but now, sorry. Trust me, you can drive some hundred miles to see this, you won't be disappointed.
Please, check the listing, what you need. You need a good UV lamp, which I bought especially for this cache, and as a big recommendation, take a working photo camera with you that can work with a regular SDcard, since there seem to be a problem with batteries there. Just in case. It saved us from a DNF. AND take more than €11 with you. You won't regret.

I think that's all I can say expect, I've done something for you. A Pebble watchface :)

You can download it for free of course, and use it to remember that cache. Or use it while doing it.
To note, this is made from a photo I took from the official Dexter Coin. Yes, there is even a trackable coin for it.


UV Torch for a special caching trip

Next week a special caching trip is on. At these caches you'll need a good UV torch for getting to the final.
I had a small, but quite powerful UV pocket torch for some time now, and often used for those caches. But this time you'll need to search whole rooms for hidden evidence. That's why I bought a new, more powerful one.

It has 21 LED with 395nm UV light emission. Don't cross the streams :)
Powered with 3 AAA batteries it has enough juice to light up a whole room in UV light. It's quite impressive.
But you'll end up finding strange things all around :)

So, I will write about this particular cache next week. I think it really can be interesting ;)


Great... c:geo got a new update that is worth it

If you are a geocaching professional (whatever that means ;) ), you likely use c:geo at some point. The best geocaching app in my humble opinion, just got even better.

The changelog is quite big. I marked the highlights.

New: Improved waypoint editor design (Save button now in title bar)
New: Full support of GeoKrety (Use: Menu - Services - GeoKrety)
New: Optionally disable direction line in maps
New: Undo available for some actions
New: Copy coords from waypoints to clipboard
New: Catch more http links to GPX files from the browser
New: Only turn off GPS in some views if "Low power mode" is active in settings
New: Refresh menu option for trackables
New: Can import TerraCaching.com GPX files
New: Also offer c:geo for opening https cache links
Fix: Close search bar when selecting a cache
Fix: List filter sometimes lost when returning to list
Fix: Sygic navigation working again
Fix: Don't automove marked caches when switching lists
Fix: Waypoint type naming on GPX export corrected
Fix: Improved refresh button size in cache details
Fix: Fixed some possible memory leaks
Fix: Wrong log count shown after logging something else than a found
Fix: Copy to clipboard not possible on Android 5.1
Fix: Cache links in Groundspeaks weekly mails not opening
Fix: Heading line had wrong target when started from compass
Fix: Crash opening geochecker from cache

So for the fans of Geokrety.org, a kind of "open source and free" trackable, this is huge. You can now log Geokrets directly just like any other trackable from geocaching.com. That means no more hassle with the official site, and even with the browser plug-in (Geokrety Toolbox) it was not perfect to log Geokrets on the web. It's over now. Log with c:geo and you're good. Awesome.

Another important thing is thaat you can now open https links with c:geo.
Undo was badly needed. Now it's reality, of course not for everything. But this will help a lot if you did something unwanted.
Now you can also prevent GPS from being turned off and on the other side you can put c:geo in a low power mode which comes handy if you have a separate GPSr anyway.

With all this it's hard for the competition. I don't care if this app is free as in beer, I would pay a lot for c:geo (don't tell the devs ;) ), but it's also free and open source. It's available on Android. Due to restrictions on the Apple app store it's very unlikely that you'll ever get this app. There may be some alternatives on iOS, but it will be hard to be on par with this one.

Surprise Caching Round

Even if you saw many great things and installations, a surprisingly good Multi cache can make you wonder again.

(See Photo Album of this little tour)

A hot day was coming, so Laguna.sam and I decided to take a multi on a easy terrain with no mountains. We found something that sounded good. But after a few stages it turned out to be very good indeed.
All stages were made nicely and original. Good ideas, including the use of UV light, mysterious symbols, nice handcrafted things and thrilling object.

Do you every tried to get stuff out of a wobbling jelly? Sound not like fun, but it was a special jelly that don't stick on your fingers. It was fun. Yes we searched sometimes a bit longer than usual, but the results always paid off.

Between the stages we also made a traditional that Laguna.sam had found to be quite interesting. And I'm glad we visited the place.
Textile art in the forest. Nice.

The small forest was greatly used. Though we hesitated sometimes to walk through the vegetation, it was all made with the permission of the forest ranger.
Nice. So we went on stage after stage. And there were a lot.
Arriving at the final a coffin was waiting to be opened :)
Awesome. You can find some more photos in an album at Google Photos.

Yes, sometimes, you'll find a little diamond unexpectedly.