Surprise Caching Round

Even if you saw many great things and installations, a surprisingly good Multi cache can make you wonder again.

(See Photo Album of this little tour)

A hot day was coming, so Laguna.sam and I decided to take a multi on a easy terrain with no mountains. We found something that sounded good. But after a few stages it turned out to be very good indeed.
All stages were made nicely and original. Good ideas, including the use of UV light, mysterious symbols, nice handcrafted things and thrilling object.

Do you every tried to get stuff out of a wobbling jelly? Sound not like fun, but it was a special jelly that don't stick on your fingers. It was fun. Yes we searched sometimes a bit longer than usual, but the results always paid off.

Between the stages we also made a traditional that Laguna.sam had found to be quite interesting. And I'm glad we visited the place.
Textile art in the forest. Nice.

The small forest was greatly used. Though we hesitated sometimes to walk through the vegetation, it was all made with the permission of the forest ranger.
Nice. So we went on stage after stage. And there were a lot.
Arriving at the final a coffin was waiting to be opened :)
Awesome. You can find some more photos in an album at Google Photos.

Yes, sometimes, you'll find a little diamond unexpectedly.