At the Red Lion Mega Event

Luxembourg got its first mega-event and Laguna.sam and I were there to join it.

After the Giga-Events in Munich and Mainz, we had to focus that this is a mega-event and judge it with that in mind. The parking situation was great. Finally an event with enough room at the event location, without having to walk miles or even use public tranportation to get to the event location. This is the way to do.

By the way, Dudelange seems to be a very nice place. And the location for the event couldn't have been better. An abandoned place. Yes, an event in a lost place so to say. There were a lot of old buildings to peek sneak inside, and it was very interesting.

The hall, were most merchants had their place, was also an abandoned building. Some details were fun. We found old documents from this company in the "trackable room". Awesome.
And we were happy to see there is a hall. The temperature went up to 38° during that day, and we sweated like crazy. This was the reason we didn't got much caches. But we decided to come back on another day with better conditions and more time.
Nonetheless we did find a traditional that was made to honor the Italian steel workers from Dudelange. There was a lab cache, too. I wonder if the neighborhood there wondered how much respect these workers got that day :).

After leaving the event, which was nice and basic, and very well organized, we went to Schengen, the famous city in Europe where the Schengen treaty was signed.
It was a nice day in Luxembourg, which looks like to be the center of Europe for a reason. The Red Lion Event was an old school event, that made fun in a great location. Oh, and did I mentioned, we got the souvenirs, too :)