Pyrmonter Felsensteig

I'll have to post one tour after another. But time is rare. So I'll show you a very nice trip on the Pyrmonter Felsensteig from October 2015.
Together with Laguna.sam and guestcacher Stu, we were very curious about this way. It was awarded the most beautiful hiking track in Germany. Expectations were high.

Before that, we decided to visit an Earthcache for the Souvenir on that day. Yay, it's Eartchcache day 2015, too. So we ended up at the Grube Camilla, which is strangely reachable from a highway parking lot. Really not very far from it. Unexpected but very welcome not to lose too much time on th way. Some nice minerals and a strangely nice area made it a good start for the day.

Minerals and the raiders :): Ryo, Stu and Laguna.sam

Arrived at the Burg Pyrmont, where we started the tour, we were lucky that the area was open. The yard of the castle is closed most of the time.

A bit away from the castle, you'll find the way on open fields giving a nice view

One place you'll reach if you follow the path.

Even a small cave is on the way.

And yes, the terrain is in geocaching terms a T3-3,5. Most of the time you'll get away with a T2-2.5. It can be very slippery on rainy days. So expect it to be 4-4,5 when it's rainy or even frozen. On steep slate ways, ice is some serious stuff you know :).
And yes, we found some caches on the way. Not the one you would expect in that place, but at least no film canisters. This one we found at the end of our tour, is nicely made.

In the end we were very happy to made this track. It's not a highlight for the caches itself, but if you want to grab a few caches and have an amazing view and a nice track to walk, the Pyrmonter Felsensteig and the Castle Pyrmont is the place for you.