Quick Souvenir Cache

Just made a quick cache today for the souvenir.
Oh come you didn't know? Yes if you are going for a geocache today you'll get a souvenir on geocaching.com
So, go out and grab a container.


Cachleand Games 2016 - St. Gallen / Suisse

I had a great time in Switzerland at the Cacheland Games 2016 in St. Gallen. Together with Laguna.sam, I stayed 2 days at this nice event.

It was a Mega-event, so enough people were there. On Friday, the highlight was Bernhard Hoecker with his experience as a geocacher from his book. Yes, he is a passionate geocacher and had some great stories to tell.

On Saturday the Cacheland-Games were in the focus. For most. We instead, went to the Alpsteinpanorama cache and get a glimpse of the breathtaking view of the alps from one side, and the Bodensee on the other side.

Of course on the way back, we stopped in Egnach, directly at the Bodensee in Switzerland to make a cache there, too and enjoyed some great views at this massive lake that connects 3 countries.

Now Hoecker made clear, caching is not for statistics of found caches. But he drove us to try making more "country points". Oh dear, I hope he didn't initiate a travel fever :)
And so Laguna.sam and I had a great time and a lot of fun in Switzerland. And I learned something about the people there, which I might report on another location soon.

Oh, and don't even think about to buy french frites... 10 CHF ($10.25 USD) for a normal portion. And other food weren't much cheaper. We had enough in our bags fortunately ;).


CITO Lingenfeld 2016

A short and rainy CITO in Lingenfeld. But who said it can't be fun?

Laguna.sam and I arrived in time. Not much later Team Rolliradler arrived, too. The weather sent a clear message: "You will get wet today".
After a round along the railroad, to the graveyard on an abandoned place and to a traditional cache and back to the meeting point.
The bags were full and as a team "Ryo & Co" (it was not me that chose that name and I was looking dazzled hearing it" :), we collected 16.5 kg garbage which brought us the 5th place.
Overall around 490 kg junk was collected out of the area.

We found a gruesome relic on our way
Nice! We had a lot of fun and afterwards we ate something and had a good talk. We decided not to go on a cache hunt today. the weather was really bad and so we went home and watched Edgar Wallace to solve a mystery cache series :).

Thanks to RailrunnerMvC & Adlerchris & Schlumpfine27 for this nice CITO. Fun and environmental friendly work. What could be better?


Strong wind with rain

With Laguna.sam on the way back near Leistadt, we came in a strong storm with heavy rain. The drops (or was it ice?) really hurt in the face.

At least we found the final of a nice little multi.

We also did another cache in Herxheim which we managed to get without getting wet, but with strong wind, too.

Well there is some fun in any weather. That's what it makes it adventurous :).